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Information For Current Students

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Course Access and Information

Your courses are offered 100% online through the Litmos learning management system.

Policies and Procedures

View our add/drop, transfer and withdrawal policies and procedures as well as additional information on your course schedule and payments.

Payment Schedules

If you selected the installment payment plan when you registered for your program, please see below for the payment schedules (be sure to select the cohort that you are enrolled in).

Who to contact for assistance

  • We want to see you succeed! Our Student Services team is here to help. If you are in need of technical support, need to speak with someone about transferring or withdrawing, or have any other questions related to your program, reach out to us at  Please be as detailed as possible in your email.
  • For questions regarding course material, reach out to your facilitator whose contact information can be found in your syllabus.

Multi-Program Enrollment

Because Cannabis 101 is the first course in each of our programs, you will receive a ⅓ discount on the total cost of any additional certificate programs that you enroll in.

Referral Program

Green Flower and Worcester Polytechnic Institute offer a referral incentive program. Do you know someone who would benefit from one of our cannabis programs?